Scavenger Hunt presented by:

CycloMesa Unchained 2024 Scavenger Hunt
The Plaza at Mesa City Center
APR 6, 2024 : 9AM - 2PM

For some people it’s a game, for others a competition of wits and endurance! Adventure out into the world with your team to locate hidden gems around your local area! Experience Mesa like never before and dive into the people and places that make it so special. Immerse yourself in years of art and history while discovering fun facts behind all that you find! Keep score and be the team to finish on top for some awesome prizes! There’s tons to see so let us lead the way!

Games can be downloaded or in a paper passport book (team choice)

The Digital App ClueKeeper will need downloaded by each team. The app hosts all the game puzzles and hunt locations to be visited and solved in any order. The app will provide a real time leaderboard, in game hints and clues, as well as a way to track players activity.

Scavenger Hunt Teams come with up to 5 players included in $5 pricing. Additional Team members up to 5 players can be added for$2 per player. Teams over 5 should be split up for logistical purposes and prizes. Additional admission and Souvenirs can be bought at the event. 

Start: The Plaza at Mesa City Center at 9am. The leaderboard in app starts when you start, so no need to rush the line at 9am.

The Hunt will include up to 20 puzzles and 10 stations to visit along the way. The hunt can be completed in any order, can be in paper or digital format, and players can/will be given hints along the way.

Participant Wristbands & Team Backpack will be given at Registration Table

Small & Large souvenir items will be given out/collected at stations along the route.


Raffle Items including:  Escape Room Gift Cards and Cryptic Case Games, Additional Food and Retail Gift Cards, Souvenirs, and so much more!

EVERY Completed Team gets a $20 Gift Card to United Escapes of America – Mesa

Scavenger Hunt Mission

Provide the public with a great educational and fun experience learning and discovering opportunities to explore and be entertained in the City of Mesa, especially in the target area of this event along Main St. between Country Club and Mesa Drive. Key factors to include in the event are all the activities to be enjoyed from two wheels and the safe way to partake in these activities.

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